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All that experience of teaching

Having taught in a number of secondary schools at KS3, GCSE and A-Level I have been around the teaching profession for many years. I have had classes from 60(!) pupils down to 5 and have worked with individuals of all abilities (and attitudes!)

I like to think my lessons are interesting, lively and relevant, and my pupils tell me that I have an ability to make complex ideas easier to understand. I think the reviews all over the site speak for themselves.

I have taught the new KS4 and 5 syllabuses and am good at exam preparation.

I even had a spell, as an Advanced Skills Teacher and Assistant Head, where I helped train new teachers and delivered staff training, along with instigating analysis of pupil performance and projects to improve the quality of teaching and learning across the school. I wrote an online GCSE course combining ICT and the Citizenship syllabus which was sold to other schools.

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I now tutor full time ... I left the classroom because though I loved teaching I was spending most of my time on 'extra curricula activities' and less and less on teaching. On top of that I felt it hard to align my belief in the love of learning, with education's aggressively competitive focus on targets and grades and its emphasis on fear. All a bit sad really. I find that tutoring gives me the chance to do what I love without some of the peripheral distractions - and I like being my own boss.


My daughter (year 10) was looking for support in Physics in particular and only a few lessons in, Edward has helped her with the fundamentals and grown her confidence. He is flexible with availability and responsive to communicate with. Would recommend.
13th February, 2020

parallax angle


My daughter is finding her lessons with Edward really helpful. He is clear and she says she likes that he isn’t like a teacher in school, she feels able to ask questions without worrying it’s something she should know already.
8th February, 2020

convex lens image formation

Mo and Mahmud!

"We've tried about 30 tutors. Yourself and ... are the best. You have a unique method of teaching which is easy to understand and relate to." Parent to two tutees. Nov 19.

particle force on a box