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More about Lessons.

Lessons can be take place after school, in the early evening. Many year 12/13 have late starts or early finished and these slots are ideal as well.

The best lessons are planned (obviously!) Older pupils are advised to come to the session with a clear idea of what they want to look at - I realise this is harder with younger ones.

Whilst there are multiple aims for a science or physics lesson, one of the most important goals for me as a tutor is to raise a pupil's confidence. In order to do this, it is important that a student wants to learn. I would expect students to be constantly asking questions, recapping their understanding and making connections across the strands of the subject. As confidence grows so they become more able to own their own learning.

A Short word about maths

Math skills are important to physics GCSE and essential for A level. However, there are only really a few areas that need to be understood. Many of my lessons will therefore involve going over algebra, using a calculator properly, handling large and small numbers and so on.

For a physicist maths really is a language. Once again, it comes down to confidence, which comes down to practice - and having things carefully explained.


Just to let you know both boys got their best marks on the physics! Thanks so much for your help.

sine wave


I can't believe I have gone from an E to an A it's completely surreal. And I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!!!!



Very good lessons which are planned very well.

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Edward is really good. He makes sure that my son fully understands the concepts before moving on. Edward is very patient and gets on really well with my son and has really helped him to improve his understanding in physics.
October 2020

gas particle energy distribution


During lockdown my daughter struggled to understand and work on her own on her physics and chemistry. Edward helped her gain in confidence by making his lessons fun and at her level. She improved a lot. She really enjoys the subjects now, is always looking forward to her next lesson and is ready for her next academic year with confidence and good spirit.Thank you Edward.
July 2020

motor effect


My son was not very keen in this subject. Now that my son is being taught by Edward for the last 2 months, my son has started to like Physics. His performance in physics is continuously improving. All these are thanks to Edward's disciplines, and his commitment to constantly guide a student in the right direction. In view of the progress achieved by my son, I will not hesitate to recommend Edward to any parents who is looking for a genuine and supportive teacher for Physics. August 2020

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