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With over 14 years teaching and tutoring A Level Physics and Science GCSE in North London secondary schools I have taught just about every type of pupil there is. I can help.

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Physics / science are fun

Don't agree? That's mostly about confidence. Individual, targeted help will raise your ability, leading to improved results. Leading to more confidence... and in extreme cases, actual enjoyment.

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Short and sweet review - Great lessons, good information explained well in an easy to understand way! Oct 2020

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"Thank you so much for all your help Edward. I know my son has really appreciated these sessions too. He’s hoping to do Physics A Levels so we’ll definitely keep in touch. Thanks again!"
Lorna. June 2022 Yr11

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A Very Experienced Science GCSE and Physics A Level Tutor

If your offspring is performing below where they need to be in science GCSE or Physics A Level I am sure I can help. Over and over parents/careers tell me 'they understand the concepts, but they can't do the questions'.

A common problem, and one I can help with...

As a science classroom teacher with over 15 of experience I am very familiar with the GCSE/A-level courses and assessments. As someone with teenage children I am also fully aware of the stress placed on our young people today. Before teaching I worked in medical-physics research for 3 years, and I have also had a business as a web developer. My years in the classroom, as well as my real-life experience enable me to ground physics in the real world, and even if I say so myself I can usually engage with even the most swtiched off pupils. I have taught every kind of pupil including future PHds in Physics and future residents at 'Her Majesty's Pleasure'.

In my experience some pupils have developed a mindset that says 'I can't do physics'. In reality of course they can and I often see their confidence grow. Recently one parent of an A-Level physics student that I tutor said their child had commented that 'you explain things the way I wish my teacher did'. Now I certainly do not want to run down any teacher - I know how much they juggle. But that comment does highlight the difference that focused 1-2-1 can make.

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Ana K

Edward has been great - he is very organised, punctual and effective. Our son has already made progress in the short time he has been working with Edward and he really looks forward to their lessons.

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Meena N

Edward has been very patient with my son in Year 12 ensuring that he develops more than a superficial understanding of topics. He prepares well for lessons and often leaves homework to consolidate concepts taught. My son is showing good progress and more confidence in the subject now.

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I would like to thank you for the four years of teaching that have enabled me to gain a place at Birmingham University to Study a masters in particle physics and cosmology.

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