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My son really likes Ed as his tutor. Ed is very reliable and listens to what my son needs. Ed has certainly increased my son’s confidence in the subject. I would highly recommend Ed. November 2021

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Edward is rated highly by my son who is about to take his GCSEs this year and helps him weekly with exam prep and filling in gaps in his knowledge. I get great feedback regularly too. November 2021

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Ed is a fantastic tutor. My son has been with him for over a year and we are very happy with his progress. Ed is organised and punctual and therefore very reliable. November 2021

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Edward has been an excellent tutor for my son and has significantly improved his confidence in physics. Edward is always willing to offer feedback and is flexible to the specific needs of the student. In particular I would say that Edward has a great manner and is able to communicate very effectively and make the lessons fun. June 2021

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I would thoroughly recommend Edward for any child’s Physics and Science tutoring. My son struggled with the more complex areas of the physics A level syllabus. Edward has helped him enormously with understanding the content and applying this to exam questions. My son is a rather reluctant student but looked forward to his weekly sessions with Edwards and felt they were invaluable. July2021

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Thank you Edward that is so kind. She loved your lessons and was really sad to say goodbye yesterday. I will definitely let you know how she gets on. Thank you for everything. May 2021

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Edward has been an excellent tutor for my son and has significantly improved his confidence in physics. Edward is always willing to offer feedback and is flexible to the specific needs of the student. In particular I would say that Edward has a great manner and is able to communicate very effectively and make the lessons fun. May 2021

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Edward has made a real difference to our son’s relationship with physics - in terms of improved marks and also his attitude towards and enjoyment of the subject. Edward is unfailingly professional, but also friendly and approachable and does indeed make physics “fun”. The communication with parents is excellent too. I can recommend him without reservation. April 2021

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I have been taking Physics lessons with Edward since a few months now. He teaches by giving various examples to understand the concept which makes learning easy. My grades have improved and I feel more confident now towards my GCSEs. I look forward to my weekly lessons which are well planned according to the topics which I need extra help with. Recently he has started teaching me Chemistry which I feel will help me improve my grades for that too. I would definitely recommend a Edward as he is a very calm and a very encouraging teacher. Feb 2021

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Had a really useful 1 off session based on Electricity from A2 Physics. There wasn't a moment of wasted time and we quickly found and addressed all of the problems I was having, trialing the new information with past exam questions. Great tips and tricks- absolutely fantastic. Would definitely recommend to anyone struggling to achieve the grade they want. Thanks!" - followed the next day by "Hiya, just wanted to say a quick thank you. I did some questions today on Electricity (130 odd marks worth) and got about 90% correct :). You really helped! Thanks
Nick Mar 2020


My daughter has been having lessons with Edward for only a few weeks now and she has found him to be friendly and patient, and he explains the subject well and in depth using various resources. The lessons are planned/agreed in advance to maximise the most of the session. I would recommend Edward to any potential students.
Feb 2021


We were searching for an A level physics tutor following an uneasy start to A levels after so many months missed due to the COVID crisis. Edward came highly recommended. Following my son's trial he came out of the lesson saying,“Great he’s great!" High praise indeed from a teenager. That was just the beginning and after every lesson he is happy that the content suddenly makes so much more sense, clearly Edward's approach and style works well! We highly recommend Edward.
Jan 2021


Edward is really good. He makes sure that my son fully understands the concepts before moving on. Edward is very patient and gets on really well with my son and has really helped him to improve his understanding in physics.
October 2020

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During lockdown my daughter struggled to understand and work on her own on her physics and chemistry. Edward helped her gain in confidence by making his lessons fun and at her level. She improved a lot. She really enjoys the subjects now, is always looking forward to her next lesson and is ready for her next academic year with confidence and good spirit.Thank you Edward.
July 2020

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My son was not very keen in this subject. Now that my son is being taught by Edward for the last 2 months, my son has started to like Physics. His performance in physics is continuously improving. All these are thanks to Edward's disciplines, and his commitment to constantly guide a student in the right direction. In view of the progress achieved by my son, I will not hesitate to recommend Edward to any parents who is looking for a genuine and supportive teacher for Physics. August 2020

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My daughter (year 10) was looking for support in Physics in particular and only a few lessons in, Edward has helped her with the fundamentals and grown her confidence. He is flexible with availability and responsive to communicate with. Would recommend.
13th February, 2020

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My daughter is finding her lessons with Edward really helpful. He is clear and she says she likes that he isn’t like a teacher in school, she feels able to ask questions without worrying it’s something she should know already.
8th February, 2020

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Mo and Mahmud!

"We've tried about 30 tutors. Yourself and ... are the best. You have a unique method of teaching which is easy to understand and relate to." Parent to two tutees. Nov 19.

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"Excellent A-level Physics tutor, my son is getting a lot out of their weekly online sessions. Would definitely recommend." Nov 2019

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"Edward is really helpful, supportive and organized tutor. He is helping my daughter with her physics curriculum which was a challenge. I am very grateful for his efforts and enthusiasm." Dec 2019

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"He is the Best science tutor we ever had." Nov 2019

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Just to let you know both boys got their best marks on the physics! Thanks so much for your help.

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I can't believe I have gone from an E to an A it's completely surreal. And I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!!!!



Very good lessons which are planned very well.

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"My son is a rather reluctant student but always attends his sessions with Edward very willingly and also says they have been very useful. Edward is very organised and prepares in advance for a topic that my son has identified needing some support with. I would recommend using him for physics tutoring." Jan 2020

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"Edward is organised and punctual. He would ask which topics our daughter felt she needed support in and then prepare sessions for this for the following week. Our daughter gained so much confidence and her physics A level grade improved greatly and as a result she got her first choice of university. Thank you!" Sept 19

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"My 14 year out son is dyslexic and his teachers reported that he was struggling in chemistry and physics. I was recommended to Ed by another science tutor and I found out yesterday that after several sessions with Ed my son has received a 71% on a recent chemistry unit test. This is a minor miracle and Ed is our miracle worker! He’s punctual, flexible and very well prepared for every lesson with a professional but friendly manner. Would recommend and I’m quite fussy!" Jan 2020

Ana K

Edward has been great - he is very organised, punctual and effective. Our son has already made progress in the short time he has been working with Edward and he really looks forward to their lessons.

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Meena N

Edward has been very patient with my son in Year 12 ensuring that he develops more than a superficial understanding of topics. He prepares well for lessons and often leaves homework to consolidate concepts taught. My son is showing good progress and more confidence in the subject now.

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I would like to thank you for the four years of teaching that have enabled me to gain a place at Birmingham University to Study a masters in particle physics and cosmology.

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"Edward has really helped my daughter with her A-level physics. He balances covering the "theory" in an easy to understand way followed by going through exam style questions.Mahmoo - 6th October, 2019"

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He understands the need for the individual student by assessing their capabilities and [is] adaptive to them. He is good in explaining and able to guide my daughter well. October 19



"Capable and responsive with a keen interest to enthuse his students' wrote Aryan - after just one lesson!"

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Edward is a really nice Tutor/teacher. My nephew really enjoys the sessions and likes the way he explains things. Would definitely recommend

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Nim - my Head of Department

To get these results they needed a strong foundation and you gave them that. You are an amazing teacher.



William achieved a grade 9 in his GCSE Physics having been tutored by Edward who helped him better understand some of the topics he was unsure about. I would highly recommend Edward and will be using him again for both William's Physics A Level and his brother George's GCSE. Jeff

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