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Would a short, laser-sharp focused session entirely aimed at plugging a gap in your knowledge and skills help raise your confidence in physics?

Well of course it would!

A short session, with an experienced, helpful teacher, aimed at firming up a shaky foundation is a valuable investment which can reap huge rewards.
But don't take my word for it.


Had a really useful 1-off session based on Electricity from A2 Physics. There wasn't a moment of wasted time and we quickly found and addressed all of the problems I was having, trialing the new information with past exam questions. Great tips and tricks- absolutely fantastic. Would definitely recommend to anyone struggling to achieve the grade they want. Thanks!" - followed the next day by "Hiya, just wanted to say a quick thank you. I did some questions today on Electricity (130 odd marks worth) and got about 90% correct :). You really helped! Thanks Nick"


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