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About two years ago a young physicist from Wales asked me for an online lesson - I mean, I am in London..... I agreed, since i wanted to try it out. He never came back for another lesson. I was not surprised. I concluded that you needed to see the whites of a pupil's eyes to teach them effectively. But given that the internet has taken over everything I had nagging doubts....

principle skinnerI now have several online students. I am well and truely converted.

I have found these students keen to re-book, sometimes asking for 2 hours a week. This is one measure that they feel things are working for them. More importantly though, my equilivent of 'spidy senses' tells me that too. 'Learning is afoot' as Principle Skinner might say.

A typical online lesson has video and sound (obvoiusly!), a shared white board allowing me to explain concepts, and file upload. Using the latter students can do exam questions and I can instantly see how they are progressing. So in other words I can effectively assess attainment. Marvelous. Everything you'd do face to face.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages. If the technology is working, then it works well. Naturally all the issues around travel disappear. Online works, and works well.


Just to let you know both boys got their best marks on the physics! Thanks so much for your help.

sine wave


I can't believe I have gone from an E to an A it's completely surreal. And I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!!!!



Very good lessons which are planned very well.

diffraction pattern