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Physics A Level Content Summaries and Videos

As you can probably guess these summaries are not meant to cover all the knowledge that you need for each topic. They are more of an overview. You still need to use your text books, revision guides. Most of all though, keep asking questions!

And....Do not forget that different syllabuses have slightly different content in some areas. These summaries are not exhaustive

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Edward is a really nice Tutor/teacher. My nephew really enjoys the sessions and likes the way he explains things. Would definitely recommend

photon production

Nim - my Head of Department

To get these results they needed a strong foundation and you gave them that. You are an amazing teacher.



William achieved a grade 9 in his GCSE Physics having been tutored by Edward who helped him better understand some of the topics he was unsure about. I would highly recommend Edward and will be using him again for both William's Physics A Level and his brother George's GCSE. Jeff

forces on a slope